New trees for Rosslyn

Two new trees have been planted in Rosslyn Crescent with two more to come.

All four trees were paid for by Greenhill ward councillor Sue Anderson from her budget for community projects.

They are the latest trees to be planted as part of HCRA’s ongoing tree campaign, which has seen more than 30 new trees planted in our three roads over the past few years.

4 thoughts on “New trees for Rosslyn

  1. Each year, when you come to collect “rubbish” to take to the council tip. As each year I paid my sub. Your lady said that she knows me as a member, yet when I came to sign in to leave a message the site tells me that I am unknown.

    What I wanted to say is that someone at the back of my house seems to excel in burning rubbish and the smoke comes into my flat and today the smoke set the alarm off. I thought smoke was not allowed in the area and if this continues in the summer, I shall have to call the police and report this to the council, and I don’t wish to do that to a neighbour.


    • You’re not unknown to the residents’ association but your email address is unknown to the site, which is why you got that message.

      We’ll discuss the bonfire issue at the next committee meeting. If you have any more concerns please email

      • That quey was reaised by me in May, this past Saturday (28.7.2012) another bonfire was lit and yet again it was a large one that contaminated my rooms. Nothing seem to have done and I am very downhearted. Sadly the Council do not work Saturday/Sunday – I guess that I have to fight this myself and call ther police next time.

  2. Re new trees for Rosslyn Crescent.

    Well, the council started a few years ago and dug the hole in the pavement right across my door. Howver, young men (children) did damage it and the council uplifted it. It would be a good improvement if the council did try again not that it matters to me at 76.

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