Waste not, want not

HCRA members will be getting tips on how to save money and the planet by wasting less food at a special workshop on Thursday.

The free session from the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign will feature loads of information and advice on making the most of food and sending less waste to landfill.

The event at a home in Rosslyn Crescent is open to all HCRA members and starts at 7.30pm. If you would like to attend please email jo@jostephenson.com

Dump Run date confirmed

HCRA’s popular annual Spring Clean will take place on Saturday, April 27.

The “Dump Run” sees teams of HCRA volunteers ferry unwanted junk to the town dump as well as picking up litter and removing fly-tipping.

Everyone is invited to come along and help out on the day. More details soon.

Volunteers spruce up scruffy shop

Local people have got so fed up with the scruffy look of the CostCutter shop at the top of Rosslyn Crescent that they have taken matters into their own hands and tidied some of the flowerbeds themselves.

The picture above shows one of the flowerbeds outside the store before it was painstakingly weeded by guerrilla gardening volunteers.

Below is the bed after two bin bags of weeds and rubbish were removed.

HCRA hopes these sterling efforts will lead to a more formal partnership with the shop to help it clean up its act including removing unsightly rubbish more regularly, doing away with piles of pallets and boxes and repairing a broken window as well as mowing the lawn and planting more shrubs and flowers.

Big appetite for Big Lunch

Hot of the heels of the success of our Diamond Jubilee Street party, HCRA is planning another summer social event.

We will be hosting a “Big Lunch” on Sunday, June 2, as part of the nationwide scheme designed to bring neighbours together.

All HCRA residents will be invited to attend an informal lunch where everyone contributes some food.

Look out for more details on this website and in our newsletter. We’ll be sending out leaflets nearer the time.

For more information about the Big Lunch scheme click here.

Flower and veg seed swap at next meeting

Green-fingered HCRA members will be swapping flower and veg seeds at the association’s March meeting.

Anyone can come along to the committee meeting on Thursday, March 28. The seed swap is a chance to get rid of spare seeds, save money and maybe try out some new varieties. You can bring spare seedlings too.

For more information email jo@jostephenson.com