Neighbours work together to clean up our streets

dump run

Neighbours worked together to shift 5.27 tonnes of rubbish on Saturday as part of HCRA’s annual Dump Run event.

The team took eight van-loads of rubbish to the town dump including old mattresses, sofas and fridges.

Volunteers also weeded more than 40 tree pits, planted summer bulbs and handed out sunflower seedlings for HCRA residents to grow in their gardens.

Once again HCRA teamed up with the RSPCA to ensure good quality items went to charity instead of the dump.

The event was supported by Harrow Council including staff at the dump and the Harrow Pride team, which supplied gloves, vests, brooms, weed scrapers, and litter pickers.

Neighbours also helped by providing food and refreshments to the working party.

In total the event raised £370 in donations and annual subscriptions, which will go towards the hire of the van, new trees and flowers, and community events.

“The Dump Run is always popular and this year was no exception,” said HCRA deputy chair Jo Stephenson.

“We shifted loads of rubbish and cleared a lot of weeds, helping make our neighbourhood a nicer place to live.

“I’d like to thank everyone who helped organise the event and volunteered on the day plus the many people who supported us with donations, equipment and refreshments. A special thanks goes to Preeti who once again made us all lunch.”

HCRA still has plenty of sunflower seedlings to give away. We’d like to see as many as possible growing in front gardens this year so so get in touch by emailing


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