Axed tree will be replaced, promises council

tree chopped

An HCRA-funded tree that was chopped down without warning last week, will be replaced, Harrow Council has promised.

Council contractors said they had been forced to fell the tree because it was damaged and unsafe.

But residents say just one branch was damaged and could have been removed without chopping down the whole tree.

The tree was planted with HCRA money about eight years ago as part of the association’s ongoing tree-planting campaign.

When members contacted the council’s tree department they were told the tree would be replaced by the council with one of the same variety.

The destruction of the tree came as a blow to residents who were celebrating the arrival of some new trees in Rosslyn Crescent and the news that they would be able to fund some more.

This year’s Dump Run event raised enough money for HCRA to pay for a new tree in Rosslyn Crescent.

Meanwhile Greenhill ward councillor Sue Anderson has once again said she will use some of her community budget for trees in our neighbourhood.


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