Mosque prepares for Ramadan

Harrow Central Mosque is gearing up for the Muslim festival of Ramadan, which will see an increase in worshippers attending the building in Station Road.

The month of fasting takes place from June 28 to July 29 when more people will attend the mosque especially in the evening.

In a letter to residents, the mosque management committee said it was working hard to minimise disruption during this busy time.

Measures include regular reminders to mosque-goers about observing parking regulations and keeping noise down.

At peak times the mosque will deploy stewards and security guards outside the mosque.

The committee has set up an emergency text number in case of any urgent problems, such as cars parked in front of driveways, on 07784 927045.

Residents can email the mosque at

Parking issues can also be reported to Harrow Council’s parking enforcement team on 020 8424 1858 during normal working hours and 020 8863 5611 out of hours.

HCRA members will be attending a meeting at the mosque on June 19. If you would like us to raise any particular issues with the mosque committee then email us at



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