Mosque plans to minimise disruption

Harrow Central Mosque has pledged to do everything it can to minimise disruption to residents during the month of Ramadan.

The month of fasting, which starts on June 28, will see up to 300 people attending the mosque on the corner of Station Road and Rosslyn Crescent at peak times, according to mosque leaders who met with HCRA this week.

The busiest times this year are likely to be around 9.30pm and later on between 11pm and midnight with Fridays and Saturdays set to be busier than weekdays.

The mosque committee said it would encourage worshippers to disperse quickly and quietly when they leave the building.

Meanwhile the local neighbourhood police team has promised to step up patrols in the area to minimise the risk of anti-social behaviour.

Harrow Council is allowing mosque-goers to use the car park in Milton Road and the car parks directly in front of the Civic Centre for free, which should deter people from parking in residential streets around the mosque.

Mosque leaders said they were urging people not to park in Rosslyn Crescent and Frognal Avenue.

Stewards will patrol streets near the mosque and will ask anyone who parks illegally  or inconsiderately to move on. They may also place leaflets on car windscreens.

Mosque leaders said current issues with the air conditioning should be fixed by the time Ramadan started so windows could remain closed during late-night prayers.

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