Plan to charge £75 for green waste collection

Harrow residents would pay £75 a year for the collection of garden waste under plans put forward by Harrow Council.

The new fee is just one of the changes proposed as part of a major cost-cutting exercise to slash £75million from the council’s budget over the next four years.

As part of the plans, residents are currently being consulted on cuts to the council’s environment department.

By charging for green waste collection the council estimates it could save more than £2.6million.

Food waste would be collected separately for no extra charge and households would be given a new small bin.

Other proposals include reducing the frequency of grass cutting in public spaces like verges by the side of roads and reducing park maintenance.

The council says it could save £150,000 by reducing street cleaning in some shopping areas – not including Harrow town centre.

The out of hours noise service would also be scrapped, saving £50,000.

Residents are being urged to have their say on these plans via an online survey here.

One thought on “Plan to charge £75 for green waste collection

  1. They have got to be taking the mick, They propose these cuts when they have wasted OUR money reinstating Michael Lockwood., after his big pay off, and no return of this money.

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