Loads of junk shifted on Dump Run day

Dump 14

HCRA volunteers shifted vanloads of junk and cleared piles of fly-tipping as part of this year’s Dump Run event.

The event on Saturday 18 saw neighbours come out in force to pick up litter and ferry residents’ rubbish to the town dump.

The tipper truck went to the dump 10 times, disposing of 6,240kg of waste in total.

The team also weeded tree pits in Rosslyn Crescent, Frognal Avenue and Woodlands Road and cleared piles of rubbish, including mounds of garden waste dumped in the passage that runs between Rosslyn and Woodlands.

HCRA hired a chipper to deal with the piles of green waste.

“We were shocked at how much stuff had been dumped in the passage,” said HCRA deputy chair Jo Stephenson.

“Over the years residents have spent huge amounts of time and money trying to keep this space clear and tidy and it was very demoralising to see how much waste had built up in such a short time.

“However, we worked really hard and are really pleased we managed to get rid of almost all of it.”

The HCRA team worked virtually non-stop from 9am to 4pm.

For the third year running the association teamed up with the RSPCA to ensure good quality items went to charity and not landfill.

The team was also joined by police officers from the Greenhill Safer Neighbourhoods Team, an officer from Harrow Council’s environmental health department and Greenhill councillor Sue Anderson.

“There was a lot of rubbish to clear this year and we had to push to get everything done in time,” said Jo.

“We’d like to thank everyone who helped out including the guys at the dump, everyone who made donations towards the cost of the van and chipper, and those who provided much-needed refreshments.

“It was a great example of a community working together to make a difference.”

Dump 12


After the day’s exertions, volunteers celebrated with a Thai meal at a local restaurant.


Dumpers' Thai

One thought on “Loads of junk shifted on Dump Run day

  1. All of you did an amazing job! Thank you! I was wondering would it be worth increasing the dump run to maybe bi-annual or quarterly event as I think it is warranted. Happy to volunteer also. Street Cleaning could be a good idea too which I am also happy to volunteer for.

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