Avoid hassle at Hallowe’en

Residents who don’t want to be visited by trick-or-treaters this Hallowe’en have been told to put a poster in their window by local police.

The poster was issued by the Greenhill Neighbourhood Policing team because some people – especially the elderly – can be worried by unexpected evening visits.

“This Hallowe’en if you would not like to be tricked and you have no treats, consider hanging this poster in your window,” said police community support officer Thomas Golden.

You can get hold of a copy of the poster by emailing greenhill.snt@metpolice.uk

Police step up patrols after break-ins

Police have stepped up patrols across Greenhill ward in the wake of a series of break-ins.

Four garden sheds in and around Rosslyn Crescent were broken into overnight and a van parked in the road was also targeted.

Officers from the Greenhill Safer Neighbourhoods Team said they had increased the number of police cycle patrols.

Meanwhile some arrests have been made linked to some other burglaries in the town centre. Police said these were significant and could help prevent further incidents in the area.

Residents warned about spate of break-ins

Residents have been warned to be extra vigilant and secure their their cars, homes and gardens after a series of break-ins in the past week or so.

Several Rosslyn Crescent households have reported sheds being broken into and items stolen from washing lines.

A van parked in Rosslyn was also broken into.

Neighbours are urged to ensure they lock windows and doors when they go out and keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour.

If you see a crime taking place then call 999. To report non-urgent information to the police then call 111 or contact the Greenhill Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 020 8721 2780. The team offer free security checks and advice.