Dump Run extends into second day


It was a race against time to get rid of all the junk collected at this year’s Dump Run event.

Long queues at the town dump and heavy traffic meant our tipper truck was held up and so the HCRA team had to hire the vehicle for a second day to ensure all rubbish was cleared.

As usual there was plenty of junk for us to take away. Once again we teamed up with the RSPCA to ensure good quality items went to charity instead of landfill.

Yet again the team also tackled pile-ups of illegally dumped waste including fly-tipping in the passage between Rosslyn Crescent and Woodlands Road and in an alleyway between Rosslyn and Frognal Avenue.

Fly-tipped items included fridges, washing machines, mattresses and garden waste.

HCRA continues to monitor fly-tipping and raise awareness among local residents about how to dispose of waste properly.

Volunteers also weeded and planted summer bulbs in all of the tree pits in our three roads.

The association would like to help everyone who helped out with this year’s event including everyone who made donations and provided refreshments.


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