Aggressive seagull warning!

Residents have been warned about “aggressive seagulls” who have reportedly followed and swooped down on an unfortunate victim in Rosslyn Crescent.

The man in question told local website he’d been attacked on a number of occasions in the vicinity of Rosslyn and nearby Crystal Way.

“On one occasion one actually swooped down three times about two metres from my head,” he wrote.

“That’s as close as it came as I was lashing out at it with a long piece of wood I picked up from the pavement.”

The man claimed that several times up to three seagulls had followed him, circling above.

He suspected they may have been attracted by his “shiny, bald head” and compared the experience to Hitchcock film The Birds.

“I know it sounds hilarious but this is a warning to others especially children,” he added. “These creatures can be dangerous and can land you in A&E.”


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