Increase in robberies and thefts in Greenhill – but drop in burglaries

There were more robberies and thefts from people and cars in Greenhill ward and the town centre this August than last year, police figures show.

Figures from the Greenhill Safer Neighbourhood Police Team show there were five robberies during August this year compared to three in August 2015.

There were seven thefts from people up from five the previous year and there were four thefts from vehicles, up from three.

However the statistics show the number of burglaries dropped from 13 in August 2015 to eight in August this year.

There were fewer incidence of violence down from 52 last year to 40 this year.

There were also fewer bicycles thefts – three as opposed to four.

The police team said the disbanding of the Harrow Town Police Team was partly to blame for the increased incidence of robbery and theft, crimes which had gone up “despite our best efforts”.

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