Residents devastated by destruction of community garden

Residents have expressed shock and anger after the community garden they worked so hard to create was brutally hacked to the ground.

The garden – outside the Nisa convenience store in Station Road – was built and planted by volunteers in 2015, who were nominated for a Harrow Heroes award for their efforts.

It was funded by grants from gardening charity Harrow in Leaf, Nisa’s own Making A Difference Locally community fund and Harrow Council with countless other donations from individuals and local businesses.

In total residents raised more than £3,500 to turn what was a scruffy patch of wasteland into a garden for everyone to enjoy.

They were therefore horrified to find that much of the garden had been cut down to the ground with many plants dug up by the roots.

HCRA understands the shop recently changed hands and the garden was destroyed by the new managers.

The association has contacted the manager of the shop and Nisa head office to ensure no further damage is done.

The garden was designed by a professional garden designer who carefully selected plants that would work in the space and provide year-round interest.

Children from the local primary school helped plant daffodils to ensure a burst of colour in the Spring.

Since it was finished in autumn 2015, members of HCRA have continued to maintain the beds including doing weeding, pruning and picking up litter.

When part of the garden was damaged in a fire, volunteers again raised money for new plants.

Those who worked on the garden said they were “devastated” by what had happened.

“When I saw the garden I just wanted to cry,” said HCRA member Jo Stephenson. “We had some beautiful and healthy shrubs that have just been hacked to the ground.

“Many of the plants were just coming into flower. For example, we had some lovely purple aliums that were just about to come out but they have been cut down in their prime.

“We also had a lot of beautiful hebe shrubs that form into big round balls and cost about £20 each but many of these have been totally destroyed.

“So many people worked so hard on the garden and we’re just really upset to see it in this state.”

HCRA hopes to work with the shop and Nisa to replant and repair the garden.

One thought on “Residents devastated by destruction of community garden

  1. This is absolutely awful. The garden is so lovely and makes our road look like a cared for place to live. I can’t understand how anyone could do this to it. The Nicer-Nisa garden project was such a good example of the community being brought together by gardening – it only happened thanks to neighbours, school children, local businesses and worshippers from the mosque. I’m feeling very sad indeed.

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