Local Business Rushes to Help Destroyed Garden

We have just had a wonderful offer from our local brilliant seed company, Seeds of Italy (also on Facebook here), who are based at Unit D2 Phoenix Business Park in Rosslyn Crescent. They will provide us with free sunflower seeds so that we can try and make the garden outside Nisa beautiful again.

Thank you so much to Paolo and his whole family, you have very big hearts.

If you’ve not visited Paolo, pop down there; it’s a little secret gem in Harrow and the only UK seed company left in existence. There’s lots more in his warehouse than seeds, he’s even got a little Italian deli!

And yes, they’re open on a Saturday too.

One thought on “Local Business Rushes to Help Destroyed Garden

  1. My partner and I have just moved to Harrow (about 2 months ago) and this Garden is really close to us. A big thank you to all those that helped with putting it together, it looks great and really brightens up the area!!

    p.s. Loving the area since moving here!

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