New tree vandalised

A new tree in Frognal Avenue has been vandalised within days of being planted.

The tree, which cost £250, was planted by Harrow Council and funded by a local councillor from cash set aside for community groups.

It was planted as part of HCRA’s ongoing campaign to green-up our area, which has seen more than 30 new trees planted in recent years.

Residents expressed sadness and anger after the tree was snapped in two just days after it went in.

This is not the first time that trees funded by local people have been damaged or destroyed by vandals.

“Trees improve the look and feel of an area by bringing much-needed greenery to our streets,” said HCRA’s tree officer Helen Grimes.

“Volunteers from HCRA work really hard to raise money for new trees and get them planted so it is devastating when they are damaged.

“Each tree costs £250 – and many have been paid for from HCRA funds – so this is robbing local residents who have generously donated their time and money to try and improve the neighbourhood.”

HCRA has informed Harrow Council and hopes another new tree will be planted in the same spot.


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