Callous thieves steal plants from community garden

Spot the difference. These photos show a flower bed at HCRA’s community garden before and after thieves struck this week.

Volunteers who planted the flowers were shocked to find the blooms had been uprooted and stolen just days after they had been put in.

The plants had been paid for by two residents and donated to the garden project.

“This was a despicable thing to do and is a kick in the teeth for our volunteers who work so hard to try and make our neighbourhood a nicer place to live,” said HCRA chair Brett Lake-Benson.

The community garden outside the convenience store at the top of Rosslyn Crescent was built by HCRA with support from many local organisations and businesses.

It is maintained by a team of local people who expressed their sadness at the theft.

“We don’t really have a budget for maintaining the garden so these flowers were donated by two residents to fill an empty bed,” said Jo Stephenson, who lives in Rosslyn Crescent and regularly tends the garden.

“It is heart-breaking and dispiriting when things like this happen because it makes people think twice about getting involved in community projects. It makes you wonder why you bother.

“However, we won’t let this setback stop us from trying to brighten up the local area.”

2 thoughts on “Callous thieves steal plants from community garden

  1. That’s shocking! Pass it every day and it’s lovely place to see and put a smile on your face after passing all the litter all over Rosslyn crescent and Frognal Avenue. Happy to donate to put more flowers in the bed, will do my best to make the meeting tomorrow for that reason alone!

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