Mosque pledges £100 to help replant community garden

Harrow Central Mosque has pledged £100 to help replant HCRA’s community garden after it was chopped to the ground.

The mosque is just one of many local organisations and individuals to express their support for the garden on the corner of Rosslyn Crescent and Station Road after it was vandalised again last week.

HCRA volunteers have attempted to replant and tidy what is left of the garden and are now seeking funding for new plants.

They estimate at least £600 worth of damage was caused when plants were hacked down and uprooted.

The committee that runs Harrow Central Mosque said it would give £100 to help restore the garden.

Representatives from Harrow Council have also said they may be able to help with some money from a budget set aside for community projects.

The garden is outside the Stop and Shop convenience store and HCRA has been working with the shop management on a replanting plan.

Shop managers have also promised to give some money towards new plants.

“We were devastated when we found out the garden had been destroyed again but are really encouraged by the support we have had from the local community,” said Jo Stephenson from HCRA’s gardening group.

“We’re delighted that the mosque has pledged £100, which is really kind and generous and we’re hopeful that the council and others will get behind our efforts to restore the garden to its former glory.”

If you can help with a donation towards new plants then please email


Volunteers devastated as community garden destroyed for second time

Local police are investigating after the community garden created by HCRA was destroyed for a second time.

The garden outside the convenience store at the corner of Rosslyn Crescent and Station Road was built in 2015 after neighbours raised nearly £4,000 to transform a patch of wasteland.

The garden was funded by donations from many local people and organisations including Harrow Council, Harrow Central Mosque and Harrow in LEAF.

When HCRA members, who have continued to maintain the garden, visited the site yesterday they were shocked to discover most of the plants had been chopped to the ground.

This is the second time the garden has been vandalised. In April 2018 many of the plants were hacked to the ground by the shop owner at the time.

The shop – now called Stop and Shop – has since changed hands and HCRA volunteers have been working with the new management on plans to improve the garden and refresh the planting.

However, these plans are now on hold while shocked residents try to work out how best to salvage what is left of the garden.

The incident has been reported to the Metropolitan Police who are taking it seriously and have said they plan to review CCTV footage in a bid to identify the culprits.

Jo Stephenson, who chairs the HCRA gardening group, said she was devastated when she saw the state of the garden.

“So many people have worked for so many hours on this garden so it is incredibly upsetting to see it in such a mess,” she said.

“Many of the plants have been totally destroyed or dug up. I just don’t understand why someone would do this. We will do our best to renew and replant the garden but we’re talking £100s of pounds of damage. We are a small voluntary organisation and just don’t have that kind of money.”