Residents warned about coronavirus scams

Residents have been warned to looked out for coronavirus scams run by unscrupulous criminals attempting to take advantage of the current crisis.

National Trading Standards said it was aware of a number of different scams being used to trick people out of money online, on the phone or in person.

The body warned people to be wary of anyone offering miracle cures or vaccines for coronavirus, or offering home-testing kits, which are currently not available to buy.

It also urged people to be cautious about those offering home cleaning services or offering to collect medication and food and asking for money upfront.

Meanwhile there are new phone apps that claim to provide updates on the virus but then lock your phone and demand a ransom.

National Trading Standards’ scams team urged people to only purchase good from legitimate retailers and not to give their bank card or PIN number to strangers.

They should be wary of anyone attempting to pressure them into accepting a service and always ask to see ID if someone claims to represent a charity.

When online people should use trusted websites and should type in web addresses rather than simply clicking on links in emails.

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