Unprecedented level of interest in mosque application

Harrow Council has received more than 3,000 responses to a planning application from Harrow Central Mosque to broadcast the call to prayer during the Covid-19 crisis.

Mosque leaders have asked for permission to broadcast the call to prayer every Friday for three months.

They say the temporary move is designed to reach out to people of all faiths – and those with none – to help reduce isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the application has proved controversial with some residents unhappy about the level of noise and concerned it could lead to the call to prayer becoming a permanent fixture.

Harrow Council told HCRA there had been an “unprecedented level of interest” in the application and the authority had allocated additional resources to cope with the large volume of emails.

The application has received messages of support from people living far and wide including many who do not live in Harrow.

But some people living near the mosque have objected saying they don’t want their peace and quiet disturbed on a regular basis.

More than 10,000 people have so far signed a petition objecting to the plan.

Meanwhile there has been concern from some residents that their comments on the proposal have not been received, got lost or been removed from the council’s website.

Harrow Council’s planning team told HCRA it was currently receiving “hundreds of comments each day” and the council was not able to respond to each one individually.

However, the authority assured HCRA that all comments would be taken into account and published once they had been reviewed.

The plans – and comments on the application – can be viewed via Harrow Council’s website by typing in the application reference: P/1528/20

Please direct all comments to Harrow Council.


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