Volunteers’ joy at funding for community garden

Volunteers from HCRA say they are ‘delighted’ after being awarded a £500 grant to help restore the community garden.

The grant, from the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association, will enable the association to finish work to repair the garden after it was vandalised in December last year.

Earlier this year a team from HCRA and Harrow Central Mosque completed the first phase of work on the garden which involved topping up the beds with compost and a thick layer of mulch.

The new funding will help pay for plants to replace those that were dug up and destroyed.

Jo Stephenson, who chairs HCRA’s gardening group, said the money would make all the difference.

“We are delighted that the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association has recognised the importance of the garden to the local community and awarded us funding to help restore it to its former glory,’ she said.

‘We are hugely grateful for their support and the support of everyone else who has worked so hard to save the garden.’

Efforts to restore the garden have also been supported by a £600 grant from Harrow Council and funding from Harrow Central Mosque.

Further work on the garden will be carried out with appropriate social distancing and safety measures in place in line with government guidance on Covid-19.