Warning about Covid vaccine scams

Greenhill ward residents have been warned by neighbourhood police to be on the lookout for Covid-19 vaccine scams.

Criminals have been taking advantage of the pandemic to con people keen to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

Scams include text messages asking people if they want the vaccine, phone calls requesting money or bank details and fraudsters knocking on doors pretending to be from the NHS.

The coronavirus vaccine – which is free of charge – is only available from the NHS and residents may be contacted by the NHS, their employer, a GP surgery or a local pharmacy about getting the jab.

Recipients will never be asked to pay or to provide bank or card details, passwords or PIN numbers.

The NHS would never arrive unannounced at someone’s home to administer the vaccine or ask people to prove their identity by sending copies of personal documents like a passport or driving licence.

Click on this link for more information and guidance on how to avoid Covid-19 scams.