Useful numbers

Please note: the HCRA is NOT part of Harrow Council.


Gareth Thomas: 020 7219 4243,,



Council tax: 020 8901 2610

Parking and parking enforcement: 020 8901 2640, 020 84241 858,

Bins and recycling: 020 8901 2600,

Out-of-hours noise complaints: 020 8863 5611

Planning: 020 8901 2650

Street by street planning search:


Greenhill Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8721 2780

Harrow Central Police Station: 0300 123 1212,


Emergency contact number: 07784 927045

For any other non-urgent issues email


15 thoughts on “Useful numbers

  1. You need to put opening times so people can know when to call. Because right now I’ve been waiting for someone to talk to me for 30 minutes. And all I want to ask is about the times. This is just annoying.

  2. I have been trying to contact Harrow Council over the phone to resolve a problem and I need a quick response. How dreadful that you cannot talk to them on the phone. This will cause distress to many residents , particularly the elderly.

    Presumably this is cost saving – what is wrong with speaking to a person.

  3. I wrote a comment and it has been removed! It was:-
    Neither Age Concern or local churches have a telephone number listed. Is there a reason? I am used to sites for inquiries to be comprehensive.

  4. I have noticed the recycle food food has been missing since last week. I live in Harrow. Can you please advice whom to contact to get new bin.

  5. Hi
    I live at
    1 Haverford Way
    HA8 6DJ

    On Friday I arrived home from work to find that the green bin is missing, and the blue bin blocking my drive way hence why I notice the green bin missing.
    The bin collection happen on Friday 23rd February.
    I walk down the Street to see if the been has been misplaced at another house.

    As I was looking a fellow neighbours told me when he was walking his dog on Friday morning/afternoon, that the bin men took my green bin.
    He told me that the were using Green Bin to collect the food waste from each of the houses.

    On our Bin we have a No. 1 sticker at the front of the bin and at the top.
    This is the same for the blue and brown bin too.

    Please can you return the green Bin back to us.
    And I also hope that the bin will be clean.

    The question I am asking also is why would the bin men take a resident bin to collect food waste and not return it after uses.

    Please can the bin be replaced I am willing to get a statement from both of my neighbours with regard to this matter.

    My contact number is 07958222668

  6. I thought I signed up for another year on garden waste. I was given a reference number but I seemed to have lost the paper I wrote it on. I have not received a new sticker for my bin starting in April and i’m worried my direct debit has not been set up. Please can you let me know to put my mind at rest, because the garden waste collection is due next Tuesday. Thank you so much if you can help.

  7. I have been calling for months to sort out bills for council tax for four flats at 403 Pinner Road, Harrow, HA1 4HN.
    The council tax department keep getting it wrong and are not correctly billing the new residents. They even stated to a resident at one of the flats yesterday that the flat don’t exist. Yet they’ve been told time and time again.
    It’s an exhausting experience dealing with the high level of disorganisation and incompetence there.
    I can only hope that one day it will eventually be sorted out, but I all regular lines of communication to the council tax office has been reduced. So it’s even harder to get through, let alone the office is non-functional.

  8. Hello – I represent the Cinema Theatre Association and we are writing to Harrow Council to object to the possible demolition of the Safari cinema building. I would like to copy to your association: do you have an e-mail address please? Thanks, Peter Wylde

  9. This is horrendous that for many services you can’t speak to anyone as all the telephone assistance has been removed, people can’t get the required help and in many cases immediate help or assistance but the only thing available is an email address whoever give this ludicrous idea didn’t even think it take more time to read an email and reply whereas a human been actually can do the job within seconds.

  10. Council should publish telephone numbers of each department so that those without access to computer and internet can speak to a person or anyone in an emergency. Its shocking no phone numbers provided. Equality Act 2010.

  11. My daughter who was paying the council tax has moved out of the house since then I have not received any letter from the harrow council regarding our council tax, I have registered to myHarrow with the address but nothing happened. All the lines are cut off, I can’t find the help I need in myHarrow. This is very frustrating.

  12. I have paid for garden waste during the summer period. You have taken the money from my account, and I have a payment ref number to confirm payment has been made.
    Yet I have not had SR or GW ref number. So I cannot even request another label. as it keeps asking for a GW or SR number.
    I can see the payment has been taken from my bank account-but not email payment confirmation was sent to me??
    Could some one please help me.
    Mr R Husain

  13. another “paid for garden waste but didn’t get a reference / sticker” person here. had £75 taken 3 weeks ago but no sticker / no trace of a subscription at all on the web. Getting in contact with the council is impossible. they don’t answer twitter questions, the phone number listed here is automated and disconnects you telling you to use the website. the email address here blocks all emails (permission denied to send to that address). and the web forms don’t cover anything apart from a missed bin / duplicate payment – none of which are suitable or allow you to add notes to the forms.

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